If there is no end in sight... Then we are forever beginning... Much to my delight” - Dan Scannell

Dan Scannell and The Atlanteans

Bringing Joy and Inspiration Through Music

Dan is a multi-talented guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist, songwriter, and arranger. As a guitarist, he has played at legendary music venues such as CBGB, which is the birthplace of folk, rock, and punk music, as well as the Mercury Lounge and The Black Star in NYC. Most  recently, his band "Dan Scannell and The Atlanteans" opened up for Grammy-award nominated Guy Davis, a world-famous blues musician, educator, storyteller, and activist.


Hailing from a musical family in Cortlandt, New York, Dan started guitar lessons at a young age and sang in church choirs as a teen. His father worked as a contemporary church musician, drawing hundreds of attendees every week. He also has musical and familial ties to the classic 1942 movie “Casablanca.” His relative Hubert Hupfeld wrote the iconic song “As Time Goes By” in 1931 which was featured in the hit movie. These influences helped Dan to realize the power of music. As a child he practiced the guitar for six hours a day, enjoying jazz, modern, and classical styles. He studied music theory at North Carolina State University and incorporated the ideologies and discographies of composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Arnold Schoenberg into his catalog. 



Dan now uses his music to raise people’s vibrations, and his versatility draws audiences from all generations and nations. His composition, although theoretically brilliant, feels tangible to all listeners, with singable melodies. When you listen to a Dan Scannell composition, you will hear how effortlessly he switches different musical styles, creating both a familiar and new
sound. He has released several albums and is currently working on two which are set to release
this summer.

His most recent album, "More Than These Words Can Say," is an 11-song compilation featuring various music styles from jazz to progressive. On the album, listeners can feel the energy of New York City in “Love Songs,” an ode to Dan’s time and experience spent in NYC. This song takes listeners on a nostalgic journey into happy times in the city. Also on the album is a song called “H.O.P.E” which stands for Healing Our Planet Earth and is about uplifting and inspiring people through music. It’s written for 11 instrumentalists, and you can feel the healing energies through the composition. Dan Scannell is a one-of-a-kind musician. Because of his musical tenacity, classical knowledge, and lyrics that reflect real world experiences, a Dan
Scannell tune is memorable and timeless.

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